Ready to strengthen your team with veteran players?

The HOME program will match your company with the right military veterans for the job!

Hiring veterans is the right thing to do. Businesses can feel proud employing those who served our nation and protected our freedoms. Many companies want to provide careers for former military personnel, understanding they often possess the specialized skills to meet exacting job requirements.

But how can businesses find these veterans?

The HOME (Hiring Our Military Envoys) program, a process of Milwaukee-based Division 10 Personnel, will identify, screen and match your company with the right soldiers, sailors and airmen for your employment needs. After learning about your organization’s culture and the specific job requirements, the experienced HOME program staff uses its wide-ranging resource network to identify potential candidates.


Ready to add veterans to your team?

Contact us to learn how the HOME program can help your company, and how you can enjoy all the benefits of providing our military heroes with meaningful career opportunities.

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