At Division 10 Personnel, we meet the unique needs of a wide variety of niche markets:

– Companies With Military Recruitment Initiatives (National/Global)
– Supply Chain and Industrial Automation Companies (National/Global)
– Companies With Diverse Supplier Goals (National/Global)
– Aerospace and Defense Industries (National/Global)
– Companies with Workforce Diversity Strategies (National/Global)
– Manufacturing and Distribution (National/Global)

“There is no other experience that so clearly demonstrates an individual’s ability to handle any task under any circumstances like military experience does. Time spent in the military is the absolute best preparation an individual can have towards success in the civilian workplace. The typical service member already has a strong work ethic, an integrity based leadership style, and a tremendous sense of loyalty to the organization. These things, coupled with an incredible adaptability to any situation makes today’s veterans tremendous assets in Corporate America.”

Global Sourcing Manager, GE Healthcare
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), US Army